Dental PPC Advertising Pay-Per-Click with Adwords

Dental pay-per-click advertising is an immediate and effective way to attract new potential patients to your website. At Epic Modern Marketing, our team of dental marketing experts only target patients that need the services you want to offer. 

Over the past 10 years, we have a proven track record of using Google Adwords to schedule high quality patients that are just miles from your dental practice.

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“We way over exceeded {our new patient goal}. We ended up getting 65 patients that month.”

How much is a single new patient worth to you?

Dental PPC advertising is an affordable method of attracting high quality patients. Here’s an example if you were advertising for dental implants:

If it costs you $15 every time a person clicks your ad, but each patient has a revenue potential of $2,000+, then the cost of the click is negligible. 

However, if it takes 10 clicks to score a new patient, your cost to acquire that patient is only $150. Now that’s a win!

Like with every business, there are significant risks if an appropriate amount of time and experience are not applied. We have met with dozens of dentists whom attempted to manage their own PPC and have lost’s thousands, not to mention the thousands in missed opportunity. 

How PPC advertising works for dentists

When a prospective patient looks up “dentist implants in Austin,” Google will display businesses that offer those services. With PPC advertising your business will appear at the top of the page, before your competitors. 

PPC- Google Adwords

By being the first business listed on the search results, your business will attract more customers to your website where they can call and schedule appointments. 

Here’s where experience our experience in PPC advertising comes in:

The number of people that click your PPC ad determines how well your ad will perform. With better performance, Google recognizes and rewards the accuracy and relevance of your dental PPC advertising campaign by displaying your ad to more potential patients. In the long run, you may see your “cost-per-click” decrease and the traffic to your site sky rocket, resulting in better margins for your services and more patients.

Targeting Ideal Dental Patients With PPC Ads

With over 10 years of experience in PPC ad marketing, the strategy we have developed targets the ideal patient based on their location, age, income level, and specific interests. While also targeting visitors to your website. 

This gives us laser precision to advertise to the ideal patients most likely to schedule an appointment and pay for your services. 

It’s not enough to drive traffic to your website. We work to ensure your leads are qualified for your services so they can become your prized high quality patients.  

That’s why our clients have had so much success from PPC campaigns using these very same tactics. 

Fast Results With Dental PPC Advertising Campaigns

The most powerful tactic of dental marketing is at your fingertips with pay per click advertising.

Epic Modern Marketing clients see results in as little as 24-48 hours. It’s that fast. 

Attracting patients with organic SEO takes months to drive enough traffic to sustain a practice. By utilizing PPC advertising you can jump to the top of the page and fill your schedule with high quality patients fast. 

Put Dental PPC Ads To Work For Your Practice

Dental PPC marketing instantly places your practice in front of patients looking for services you offer. 

Just like in the example above, your practice will be seen before your competitors. New patients will click through to your site where they can schedule appointments and call your front office.

With 90% of patients using search engines to find practices near them, all it takes is an aggressively targeted ad to get those patients in the chair.

Do you want to know how far we can take your dental practice?

By helping dentists Get Found and Get Picked Online, Epic Modern Marketing is a full service marketing firm offering strategies and services customized to your practice.

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