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How To Think About Dental SEO

Dental marketing is a competitive field, especially when patients are looking online for the right practice with the services they are searching for. Upon this online search, a client will immediately be shown the search engine result page (SERP) – if you have ever looked something up on Google, you’ve seen this. Those practices that clients will see on the first page SERP get 98% of all traffic. More than that, the top 3 results receive more than 50% of all traffic.  So how do you make it to the top of the first SERP page?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the methods of improving your dental website’s organic search engine rankings. If your rankings are high enough, you may just reach the forever coveted first page. Unlike advertising, you are not paying to be seen before you competitors. With SEO you are marketing for the long term to generate more phone calls and appointments without having to pay cash for ad placements. 

Important Factors Of Dental SEO

An effective dentist SEO plan consists of strong planning and experience in dental marketing. Here are the most important components in SEO.

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Optimize Your Website

There are basic necessities your website must have in order to rank. These allow a search engine to easily read your website so they will know you’re a dental practice! Here’s what they need: headers, content, URL, images, title tags, and meta attributions. Without these necessities, your website will be very difficult for search engines to index your site.


Have you ever been frustrated with a site? We all have been there. With a short patience, most online visitors will leave a site if they cannot find their answer within 3 seconds. Google knows this. That’s why when a website visitor clicks on a link on your page you will get a boost to your SEO. So your links to your service and educational pages need to be visible and easily accessible. The goal is to keep visitors on your site.

Dental Content

Dental website content consists of dental articles (or blogs), your services, and unique images on your website. Keeping content up-to-date and consistent is a great way to keep a website relevant to search engines. As well as, drive traffic to your site when new procedures and products hit the market.


When determining a website’s rank, search engines jump from one website to another using backlinks. These special links are used to point a search engine to your practice’s website. The more websites that are pointing to your website the greater the priority your website will receive from the search engine. With SEO you can take full advantage of a backlinks ability to improve your website’s presence online.

The rules of SEO are always changing, and your focus needs to be ensuring your website is up to modern online standards. A website has the ability to drive phone calls and schedule appointments for your practice. SEO is the tool that developments a websites visibility and accessibility for those looking for your services.

Where do you stand now?

An analysis of your website is the easiest place to start. Most of these cost money. Better than that, I’m offering the same analysis that our Dental SEO Specialists use when setting up programs for our clients. Plus it includes detailed explanations for every stat so you aren’t left in the dark.

Give it a try and see exactly where you are behind!

How To Track Dental SEO Campaigns

There are many SEO tools available for marketers and dentists alike. These tools allow you actively track how well a campaign is working to boost your practice online. If your time and money is on-the-line, it’s important to gauge how your SEO strategy is performing.

With Epic Modern Marketing’s all-in-one platform, you can track your campaign’s progress with these tools:

  • Phone Tracking: By the source of the phone call you are able to follow what keywords callers searched for before they called you. If you know what people in your area are searching for, you can better align your campaign to get found online. Patients will be able to contact your practice with the number displayed during your campaigns. Plus one phone number has multiple tracking benefits that extend beyond keywords.
  • Form Tracking: Scheduling forms or contact forms use modern technology that allow you to track the patient every step of the way. After receiving the form right away, you will know exactly how they came to your site and the effect of your campaign.
  • Reports
    • Traffic: Traffic reports show you trends in your SEO campaign. If a search term is no longer popular you may decide to put more of your efforts (and dollars) into a keyword that is generating more visitors to your website.
    • Ranking: Track how your site is ranking for the services patients are looking for. As well as popular terms such as “dentist in + (your city)” that are crucial to attract more patients to your website

Tracking gives you a piece of mind when launching an SEO campaign. By knowing your progress, ROI, and rankings you are able to know exactly what is working for your practice and what isn’t. Dental marketing is a constantly driving process that requires consistent involvement by the campaign manager and evolution of the strategies utilized on a regular basis.

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