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Digital dental marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to interact with and attract new dental patients.

While technology has gotten increasingly advanced and perverse over the past few decades, digital dental marketing techniques have had to be adapted to achieve the dental practice’s marketing goals and promote future internal growth.

Digital dental marketing encompasses a wide variety of different marketing techniques but the goal of all of them is to deliver dental advertisements to the public through a diverse array of digital channels including social media, web and mobile applications, websites, and various search engines.

On any given day, people conduct over 2 million Google searches worldwide, so it is almost guaranteed that some of those searches pertain to dental needs. But how does one’s dental website get ranked highly on a search result page and get found by these new dental patients?

With over 2 billion websites on the internet, it is easy for a dental website that has not incorporated modern and effective digital dental marketing strategies to get lost at the bottom of the relevancy ranking.

If a dental practice’s website or social media platforms cannot be found easily online by new patients, the dental practice will have an extremely difficult time getting these potential patients to schedule appointments.

There is, however, a highly effective digital dental marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, that best equips dental websites and business owners with the tools they need to get found online and bring in new patients who may employ to boost their search engine ranking and get found by new patients every day.

If a dental practice is not able to be found easily online, they are doing both themselves and their potential new patient's serious disfavor.

Hypothetically, a dental practice could be the most skilled and professional in a specialty, but if it is not highly ranked on a new patient’s result page, the user will likely turn their attention to a different dental practice’s website and will take their business to a more highly ranked, easily accessible dental website and practice.

This is just one of the reasons why it is of the utmost importance that dental professionals and practices employ the simple yet effective online dental marketing tool of Search Engine Optimization.

On any results page, the top two or three results are taken by businesses that have paid to be the first thing users see.

SEO can help dental businesses rank higher on the organic, or unpaid, search rankings and in turn help them bring in more dental patients and prepare the practice for future growth.

When a dental website has been optimized, it has been strategically equipped with components that will allow the dental website to rank higher on the result page without having to dole out enormous amounts of cash.

In other words, when dental practices utilize SEO, they are aiming to revamp and enhance their online content and presence so that the search engine suggests their dental website as a top result for various popular keyword dental search.

No matter the field or profession, marketing is a necessary and fruitful investment to polish your practice’s reputation and online presence, bring in new clients or patients, and hopefully lead to long term growth and development.

Dental marketing teams employ and invest time and money into different strategies like SEO, Google advertisements, various popular social media outlets, and special promotional offers to get found and picked online by new patients.

Since marketing is an investment all dental practices must make to bring in patients and expand their practice, it is imperative that their marketing teams employ the process of trial and error when it comes to equipping your dental website with the information and components that will make it the more relevant and consequently be suggested to more new patients.

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Before delving into the different strategies of Search Engine Optimization for dental practices, it is important to understand how search engines work and process information. Since Google is the most popular search engine among users, occupying over 86% of the market in April of 2020, I find it most efficient to discuss the criteria by which Google ranks and sorts through the billions of websites on the internet.

There are several different factors that Google takes into consideration when determining which websites should be ranked or positioned where. Despite the complex nature of search engines, there are a few basic and easy methods to rank higher in Google and bring in more traffic to your dental site. When a user enters a search into Google, the search engine program scours the web for any and all new and relevant information. The program remembers certain information about the websites it sorts through like specific page titles and body text but with over 300 new websites being produced every minute.

This is no small task. The first challenge posed to Google is finding new websites with relevant data and then storing the information in a database with the highest possible level of accuracy. Once the search engine has narrowed down potential results, the program must then determine how to best order and display the information that is now in the database. Thousands of searches are conducted every minute all over the world, so it is of the utmost importance that Google or the respective search engines have categorized, arranged, and displayed the proper information in less than a second after the search is orchestrated.

Google has grown to be the most popular search engine because of its ability to precisely record information, deliver the most accurate results, and make a fairly accurate judgment about the quality and quantity of information on a website faster than any other search engine. Now that the inner workings of search engines have been loosely explained and we’ve discussed how getting found online can make or break a dental practice’s success, there are several simple yet effective strategies dental practice’s can employ in their dental marketing campaigns to get found online every day by high-quality dental patients.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways as it provides dental practices with the assets they need for long term growth and development. Dental SEO helps create a stable inflow of patients to accumulate more clients overall and polishes a dental practice’s online reputation. There are three main characteristics of a dental practice’s website that the search engine, in this case, Google, inspects before generating a results page for the user’s inquiry.


The addition of several glowing reviews on your dental website will increase your relevancy ranking with Google and solidify your credibility with new patients. The second aspect of your dental website that Google judges to determine your practice’s position on the search results page is the quality of your dental practice’s service which is communicated through the number of stars accompanying each review. A dental practice could have over 100 reviews on their dental website, but if the vast majority of them are only one or two stars, this does not imply that the employees are very competent. Every dental practice should aim to make sure each patient has an experience worthy of a five-star review.

If a dental practice has a higher overall rating with mostly four and five-star reviews, Google considers that dental practice’s quality of service and applicability to the user’s needs more likely than a dental website with the same amount of reviews but a lower overall quality of service rating. The third and final component of long term dental SEO is the frequency at which patients leave positive reviews on your website. If a dental practice’s website is getting several five-star reviews on a regular basis, it shows both potential patients and the search engine program that the practice is not only preferable but also consistent in their high quality of service.

When Google is sifting through the seemingly never-ending haystack of websites for a high-quality dental website to hopefully meet the user’s expectations, having numerous recent reviews and a high overall service rating will help your dental website stand out to Google, get ranked higher, bring more traffic to your dental website, and get picked and booked with new patients online.

There are several benefits of optimizing your dental website to make it most attractive to Google and new patients.

One of the underlying benefits of numerous, positive reviews on a dental website is that it leads to long term exponential growth of the practice.

The more high-quality reviews a practice’s website has, the higher it will be ranked in the results page and the more credible it will appear to the patient.

These patients who found the practice as a result of the practice’s optimal reviews may leave a high-quality review of their own, boosting the dental practice’s ranking even more.

More reviews mean more likely to bring in new patients, and new patients mean new opportunities for additional positive reviews and patient experiences.


Dental SEO is a simple yet effective dental marketing method that every dental practice should employ.

All a dental practice has to do is to begin to optimize their dental practice for this process is to train employees to provide the patients with the best care and resources available and encourage patients to leave reviews about their office experience.

Reviews allow dental practice’s to make changes and adjustments to their routine to better fit the needs and preferences of their patients, which will lead to higher overall patient satisfaction.

It may take a couple of months for a dental practice to be able to notice the effectiveness of SEO, but once a dental website has gotten a few glowing reviews under its belt and it has begun to move up in the results ranking, they will begin seeing an exponential increase in dental website traffic and overall patient intake.

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