SEO Defined and its Importance

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the method of being able to increase traffic to your website using free or natural search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Many people have heard of SEO optimization but not many people know how to take advantage of it. In this post are a few ways to have you and your practice become more aware of Google’s expectations if you want your practice to get found and get picked organically.

First, it is important to note that I want to talk about Google because mostly everybody’s attention is on Google. Google owns upwards of 90 percent of the market share in search engines and is the number one searched site in the world. As a dental marketer, having the ability to gain attention on this search engine is essential for gaining traffic to your website. Because Google is such a massive company, they are consistently trying to update its search ranking algorithms to provide the most pertinent search results for the millions of people who use their platform daily.

SEO Expert Essentials to Know

Mobile SEO Rankings

Google realizes that an ever-increasing number of people are using their smartphones to search on the internet rather than a standard office computer. With this data, Google is increasingly looking at the mobile version of your website page to help with ranking in the search results page. Meaning, if you are in the dental marketing industry, there is not one reason your company’s page should not be mobile friendly and have a sleek interface for potential customers who want to visit your site. If you aren’t investing in this, then you will be losing out on organic traffic because: 1. you will be ranked lower on Google searches and 2. people do not want to stick around on your website if it is hard to navigate through. Google wants to reward those who take time investing in their appearance because Google knows that this is what matters to its consumers.

making sure your website is mobile friendly is key for getting known

Authority SEO Rankings

Google is using the mention of your company in its search algorithm. Meaning, how you engage online, and how people talk about your practice, actually matters how high you rank. Google sees this as the more you are mentioned, the more you become an “expert” at whatever it is you do. It learns that when enough people mention your practice, whether it be on Google reviews or other places, it becomes labeled as something real and influential. Once it learns this, it has a better picture of who you are and the authority you have in whatever specialty your practice resides. This could affect your rankings, bottom-line.

This may all seem intuitive but how many practices are actively trying to take advantage of this? To make the most of this, start mentioning your brand name online whenever possible. Secondly, being able to drive people online and incentivizing them to mention your name is important and can help with ranking as well.

Online brand awareness is key in getting your practice more customers

Website SEO Rankings

Page speed has long been a ranking tool for search engines in their ranking process, specifically for desktops. Now, Google is using mobile page speed as a ranking factor. This is because, it turns out, nobody wants to click on your website only for them to be stuck waiting for your site to load for a long time. The faster you can show up on people’s devices, the better for your practice.


Going forward with your practice, it is important to take these SEO tips into account when looking to increase patient retention. These are the new fundamental concepts and techniques to keep in mind. Without this and looking to improve and perfect these aspects, it is difficult for Google to recognize you as an authoritative and trustworthy dental practice.

In dental marketing, and digital marketing as whole, it is essential to understand that being everywhere is a necessity. You need to be everywhere in order to continue to gain new levels of success. Your goal is to get attention. Attention wins. Attention allows people to know about you. The bottom line is you cannot expect people to choose your services if people don’t know about your services to begin with. These organic search tips are a great way to start taking action to more frequently getting found and picked today.