Right Keywords are the Key

The multi-billion dollar dental market is held within your dental keywords. What does this mean? It means the dental industry is booming. And because it’s booming, there is opportunity at almost every corner to attract new, quality-paying customers to your practice. This article is for everyone; from those who are just starting out with a new practice to those that have been in the industry for decades now and already have reputation and success. When using the right keywords, specifically dental keywords, it can be the difference in retaining a few new patients per month and a few dozen patients per month. But what are dental keywords, actually? Let me explain.

Dental keywords are essentially words and/or phrases that people most frequently search on Google when looking up something that may be of interest or necessity to them. Phrases like “best dentist near me” or “dental implants in (insert city)” are searched hundreds of thousands of times daily. This means, as a dental practice dedicated to growing your company, you or a marketing professional on your team has the opportunity to target frequently searched words that match with your brand and use the ability of organic and/or paid services to be able to show up on the very front of people’s search results consistently. That being said, why should you care to invest your time and money into such a strategy and how do you do it properly?

Different SEO keyword strategies

Important Reasons to Target Important Dental Keywords

As a research analyst in a department of over 20 years of dental marketing experience, I can say that the dental market has been growing sharply and recent research even shows that in the next couple of years, this industry is expected to grow five percent annually in an already $30 billion market. With all of this opportunity, it can be tempting to throw your money at anything that may allow you to grow your practice. Taking actions like getting your social media updated are important and other old-fashioned ways of advertisement may or may not lead to some dollar amount ROI. However, what is now clear is that one of the best uses of your ad spending should be in getting your practice found on Google. This can be done by using search engine optimization techniques or using paid advertisements on Google Ads. If you want to know specific strategies on these techniques and how to get started, we have other resources that go more in depth.

Google is the number one searched internet site in the world by far, experiencing 3.5 billion searches daily. Given that your website is sleek and already represents you authentically, some of the fastest ways to see a return via new customers is through targeting the right keywords related to your practice. For example, if you are someone that specializes in dental implant treatments, your first priority would not be to use organic or paid advertising dollars to target keywords like “teeth cleanings” or “invisalign braces” and instead would want to target keywords/phrases like “dental implant cost” or “dental implant surgeon.” Again, you want to instead try and target in the places you are known for.

Using Google Analytics can help you understand how well your practice is known

Knowing what you do best gives you a great foundation to build upon. It allows you to be able to hyper-target who your ideal customers are and allows you to attract them to your business. Unfortunately most people don’t look below the first half of the Google results page. When people want to look for services that you offer, ranking highly for keywords specific to your brand allows you the chance to show up first above your competitors. This then gives you a chance to sell people as to why they should choose you, plain and simple. And I’m assuming if you’re reading this then you probably take pride in your practice, which also means you also probably provide great service to your customers. Your services can sell itself. That will allow you to have repeat business. But using the right dental keywords are what can help you acquire new customers in the first place and accelerate your growth altogether.


The truth is, it’s not so much about looking toward “what’s next” or “what has worked before” in the dental marketing industry as it is about getting great at what’s effective now. No matter how much you might think you or your team understands the value of keywords are probably still underestimating all it can do for you. Now, if you’re a very busy dentist or might be overwhelmed by all of the language and attention to detail that goes into successfully optimizing your keywords, you can always get a report from us at Epic Modern Marketing (EMM) to see what keywords will best benefit you in your local area and what options you can use to strategically rank for them. We can also give you step by step processes to get started today. In the end, attention and getting known are what will ensure your practice succeeds. It’s the first step in getting picked and taking control of your market.