College Students Would Make Great Employees

A common theme across all businesses is the desire to hire employees that have unique strengths and mindsets that will allow them to bring new ideas to the table. This, however, is easier said than done. How exactly does an employer find someone unique amongst a sea of cookie-cut graduates and potential employees? What specific characteristics in a person should they be looking for to bring their business to the next level? Employers in the dental industry may be looking for a fresh, welcoming face to place at the front of their business or someone with great organizational skills to help them with client management and outreach. While it may seem slightly unorthodox to consider undergraduate students for a role that could be filled by someone with a degree in such a prominent and professional field, college students comprise a small, but lucrative, percentage of the population for a variety of reasons.

When a student begins their college career, they are well aware of the world of opportunities placed at their feet. We are forced to confine ourselves to one major that will eventually filter us into a specific field. Personally, I have a wide variety of interests and do not know exactly what path I want to take in my life. I have an innate love for travel which led me to believe that a career in international relations would be a great fit for me. Not long into my first semester in this major, I realized it was not what I had anticipated and was thrown completely off track. I believed I knew what I wanted to do with my life before I was acquainted with other opportunities and careers that may be more fitting for me. These four years of college make up the time allotted for us to discover where our true interests lie and to pick a fulfilling and successful career path. Having to pick a path for oneself when there is so much we have yet to discover about ourselves and the world in which we live can be a bit terrifying. The generation of students currently enrolled in universities is considered one of the most curious and open-minded groups of individuals yet. We attempt to discover who we are or what we want to do with the rest of our lives through the exploration of almost anything that interests us. That being said, there is no reason for dental headhunters to limit their potential employees to the students studying medicine or dental hygiene.

There are several stereotypes surrounding how members of Generation Z carry themselves in a workplace, some more negative than others. They are often viewed as lazy, entitled, or having a little work ethic. Thankfully, like almost every stereotype in existence, these are generalizations that do not apply to all. One of the defining characteristics that come to mind for Gen Z is our infamous and constant technology use. While things like our smartphones and the world wide web can act as blatant distractions in the workplace, we hold a deep, rich understanding of how various aspects of technology work. Our generation grew up surrounded by technology and learned to use various platforms from a very early age and, as a result, it is seemingly ingrained into our skill sets. We are well versed in what makes a successful social media post and what does not and as a result, could offer fresh ideas to help your dental company grow. For this reason, a student studying anything from advertising, studio art, or even computer science could be a valuable asset to your dental company’s growth.

Hiring college-level students could give dental businesses access to a unique mindset that can help them in so many ways. A journalism major, for example, could hold the skills necessary to elevate a dental blog and create engaging and educational posts. Graphic design or studio art majors could open a gateway to unique ideas for things ranging from website designs, small Facebook or Google advertisements, and even new content ideas. A marketing or business major may be able to provide your dental practice with more modern ways of managing your dental social media or marketing platforms. I am an interpersonal communications student using my knowledge of what makes material engaging to help manage and write for a medical marketing blog. These are just a few hypothetical examples of the ways in which a young person’s skill could be utilized. Undergraduate students have not been completely brainwashed into thinking like their colleagues and still use prior information and experiences to shape their decision making and ideas pertaining to your various dental needs and social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. College students are hungry for any unique or exciting opportunity, whether it is intrinsic to their major or career path or not.

In the process of figuring out who they are, college students are also looking for ways to distinguish themselves from their peers. At the University of Texas, there are approximately 50,000 students, all of which have a strong desire to succeed and secure a good job once they graduate. The students at this institution are extremely hard-working and embody several characteristics that would make them great employees like time management, perseverance, and critical thinking. Despite having these amazing qualities and more, some students still struggle to find work after graduating. Joining clubs and extracurricular activities will only go so far in the long run. Students are constantly searching for uncommon experiences to make them stand out in a crowd. Having the opportunity to explore such a pervasive industry with a variety of different aspects like that of dentistry is invaluable. Additionally, the activities these student employees will be assigned to do will help them grow a skill set that may help them later in life.  As I mentioned earlier, I am a communications student. I am considering a wide variety of career paths, none of which directly pertain to the dental industry. Nonetheless, this is an opportunity for me to improve my writing and learn valuable marketing skills from people who have much more experience. There are plenty of college-aged students just like me looking for any opportunity available to help them grow as a person and expand their skill set.

In conclusion, there are innumerable reasons for an employer to search for employees in the pool of college students. We have already begun to expand our intelligence from an educational standpoint and are eager to delve into the world of experiences and outside knowledge that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. The dental industry is a fantastic place to begin doing so. Family dentistry organizations offer a wide variety of positions that require unique skills and will provide students with experiences that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Our generation is keen to explore things that are unknown or unfamiliar to us. This ability to take risks and put oneself out on a ledge can help a dental company grow in unexpected ways. Undergraduate students can offer their employers atypical ideas pertaining to every aspect of their business, ranging from digital media layout to marketing techniques to new patients, and would make great, enthusiastic employees.