Why Facebook Ads are important

Social media has become one of the most prominent ways to directly connect and engage with others on the internet. As a research analyst in a department of over 20 years of dental marketing experience, we see that the research is clear regarding Facebook advertising. The data shows businesses who connect and engage regularly and effectively have been rewarded with new customers and more often earn repeat business. With a powerful platform such as Facebook, you can post original content that is important to you and your practice and target a very specific audience while doing so.

Dentists looking to gain more attention can and should use Facebook as a tool to help increase patient retention. Although there is a rapid-increase in ad dollars spent on this site, there is still a lot of paid advertising value to be had and is still a better alternative than using traditional advertising methods. If you or your practice are not using social media, specifically Facebook, you are missing out on opportunities to get known and stay in front of a niche audience.

Why don’t more practices use Facebook and other social media more frequently to find business? First, it can be difficult and time-consuming to do so. Most of the time on the job is done actually operating and working in the business, leaving less time to work on the business. However, even though this may be true, there should be no excuse for not having at least one person on your team focus on what Facebook can do for your brand.

Type of Facebook Ad Example

Facebook is a hybrid platform. This means that they are not just known for specializing at one thing, like photos for example, but can be used to post video, blogs, photos, create Facebook groups, fan pages or even live stream along with paid business advertisement capabilities.

The challenge is Facebook constantly updates its algorithms in order to tailor to what people prefer to see. Here is a recent update that Facebook integrated into their paid advertising system that dental practices need to take advantage of:

Facebook launched a new update that allows advertisers to acquire analytics data from places that previously allowed you to protect certain information, for example if you use a search engine like Safari. This data can help dental marketers better target or re-target potential patients and track conversions for their practices more precisely.

Why is being able to have this data important? Because research has shown that if you run an advertisement, you can see which people engage with it and which people do not. If you run a re-targeted ad to people who almost converted but ended up not, your chances of landing them or taking action in the way that you want increase significantly. Also, with the data that you are given, you can see what kind of person was interested in your advertisement and create another paid advertisement that is more tailored to this person. The more personal an advertisement, the better of a chance you have at getting someone’s attention and interest. This could lead to more traffic to your website and more importantly, an increase in scheduled consultations/appointments.

Advertising on Facebook Today

Getting started on Facebook advertising is not the easiest task for a dental practice to do. There are a lot of what ifs and questions as to whether the money being spent on paid advertising will be the right allocation of profits. All of these concerns are valid. However, you should know that simply setting up a Facebook page for your business and posting once every couple of weeks will not lead to the type of conversions you or your practice need to get to the next level.

Hiring a reputable Facebook page manager can be a great way to ensure your practice sees results. And depending on the type of niche your practice might be in, whether it be specializing in Invisalign, dental implants, traditional braces and the like, an increase in two to three clients a month can not only cover the costs of hiring somebody to manage your Facebook, but can also lead to more profits.