The dental industry is arguably one of the most rewarding and complex fields one may pursue a career in. One of the reasons it is such a lucrative field is because of the pervasive desire for good dental hygiene and improvements. A dental professional is required to have a wide variety of skills ranging from the ability to communicate effectively with clients to possessing and demonstrating a great depth of knowledge on his particular specialization. Dental hygiene is a very sought after luxury today and dental services often come at a very high, luxurious price.

Dental services are a huge investment, with a basic cleaning averaging at $150 without insurance. My parents are constantly joking with me, saying “that’s a very expensive smile you’ve got!” I have lost track of the number of treatments I received as an adolescent to perfect my smile. Many dental services are extremely expensive and are not something new clients take lightly and it is for this reason that it is imperative for dental professionals to understand the most desirable qualities that great patients look for in their dental provider.

First impressions are important and can be very influential no matter the environment in which they are made. It is crucial that people working in dental offices, no matter the service being provided, market a professional yet approachable attitude at all times. Professionalism can be portrayed on various dental marketing platforms.

Dental social media and websites have the opportunity to display the various awards or endorsements that have received to help assure new clients that your dental company is successful and can offer the dental services necessary to meet their dental needs. Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance that dental offices continue to portray professionalism when the new client steps into the office. I have experienced many instances where dental office employees have not composed their professionalism and it had a lasting effect on the way I perceived their organization.

A few years ago, I walked into my dentist’s office to make an appointment for a serious oral surgery I was having to undergo. Upon entering the facility, I saw workers in the back talking and cackling loudly as the receptionist was trying to converse with a new client on the phone. I was extremely turned off by the lack of professionalism in this dental office and it made me seriously second guess my decision to use them for this procedure. While I understand that a friendly dental work environment is very important to both clients and dental employees, there are plenty of ways to do so without disrupting your dental practice’s professional reputation.

Once professional introductions have been made, the next step in making a high-quality client’s faith in the abilities of your dental organization is to demonstrate strong interpersonal communication skills. As discussed previously, dental services are a luxury and they come at a very steep price. New dental clients will not invest in your dentistry services if the dentist is not able to effectively communicate the services a client needs, the progress track through which the new client will receive the treatment they need, and the pricing of each dental service. On top of these requirements, a dental office employee should attempt to be personable to clients. A dental professional should never make a new client feel afraid to ask questions or voice a concern about a treatment. In my personal experience, the ability to communicate effectively has greatly increased my trust in my dental providers. I explained how a few years ago I had to go to an oral surgeon to make an appointment for a gum graft. While they did not make the best first impression on me, the head dentist’s communication skills reestablished my trust in his ability to provide me with the best care possible. I voiced my concerns about how I was afraid it was going to hurt a lot and he proceeded to present me with every potential option of dental anesthetic and post-surgical treatment. He did an amazing job of communicating what exactly my treatment would require, how long it would take me to recover, tips to help with soreness and a lot of other valuable information. His ability to make new patients feel comfortable greatly increased my faith that his dental organization is a great place to receive my dental services.

​Another key characteristic that high-quality patients look for in their dental provider is a dentist’s desire to improve their practice and office which can be achieved in a variety of different ways. To make your dental company stand out in the crowd, dental marketing strategies must be taken to the next level. One way that a dental office can do so is to ensure or increase their numbers of frequent customers. A key detail to successfully doing so is keeping client satisfaction in check. Dental emails or surveys on your dental site requesting client feedback and tips for improvement is a very effective way to track clients’ opinions of your dental practice. First-hand feedback is something that dental offices should take to heart because it is very likely that many other clients feel the same way.

Making improvements in whatever area a client has drawn attention to can show a dental organization’s receptiveness and appreciation of new ideas and feedback. Another crucial form of improving a dentist office’s reputation could come in the form of investing in the best and newest technology. The theme that dental hygiene is a luxury and is something new clients do not take lightly also applies to this dental quality. If a dental office advertises that it is using the best and newest technology to provide clients with their desired services and meet their needs, clients will already begin to trust that your dental company is a good fit for them. Furthermore, it is imperative that dental marketing platforms in the form of social media outlets and websites are constantly being updated with new dental content and improved.

Dental Facebook and Instagram accounts should be posting weekly about new client offer to try to give new clients who are on the fence about pursuing your dental company’s practices an incentive to make an appointment or seek further information. These dental marketing platforms can also be used to post glowing reviews from clients to help further the trust instilled in the new potential client. There are many other ways to improve a dental practice’s reputation and infrastructure but it can be argued that showing the initiative to provide clients with the best technology, various instances and stories of customer satisfaction, and up to date digital marketing outlets are some of the most effective ways to increase client satisfaction and new client intake.

​A dental organization cannot succeed without a strong, loyal client base. There is a lot of competition between dental offices so digital dental marketing campaigns and office behavior, attitude, and infrastructure must be top tier for what their current and new clients need. For a dental company to efficiently market their dental services and credentials, they must understand what a high-quality client is looking for in their dentist and dental office.