How Great Dental Websites Attract High Quality Patients

Practice owners can lose sight of what their dental website needs to accomplish. That’s why every site designer, web developer, dentist, and doctor must remember that these two goals that I’m about to share are the most important when it comes to a client’s success or your own. By keeping these goals and the tactics I share with you at the forefront of website design and development you will construct a solid digital foundation for your practice. Finally, this will be the digital platform from which you can effectively market to the thousands of patients looking for the services and procedures your practice offers.

The best dental websites do these two things…

  1. Attract high quality new patients to their website via higher rankings on search engines and advertising.
  2. Convert those website visitors into phone calls and appointments.

Build a foundation for attracting high quality patients

Local Dental Market Research

To start, you need to know what services patients are looking for in your area and how many looking for them. For any private dental practice the first SEO and advertising networks you need to check for new patients are the Google Search Network (GSN) and Google Display Network (GDN). As of November 2018,  73% of desktop searches and over 80% of mobile searches are performed on Google’s search engine.¹ These networks, both operated by Google, provide ad placements on the search engine results page displayed after typing in your search query.Google search engine market share on desktop/laptop tops 73% in November 2018.

Google search engine market share on desktop/laptop. – (NetMarketShare) [screen shot]

The premier advantage of search networks is the ability to identify high quality patients based on what they are searching for online. Common phrases that we define as keywords like “dentist near me” or “dentist in {your city}” are capable of attracting a large quantity of patients.

Sounds great right? Not quite. These keywords do not align with our shared goal of attracting high quality patients. 

There exists keywords used by high quality patients like “dental implants {your city}” where hundreds, if not thousands, of searches take place every month. Beyond that, these tools I’m about to show you are used by marketing professionals to discover ‘how deep the well goes.’ Here’s some sample data of what a dental website in Houston can target.

Screen shot of "dental implants houston" keyword and related keywords from Over 1,000 monthly search volume.

Dental website keywords for dental implants in Houston (ahrefs)

Here are some great keyword research tools for SEO and SEM that my team has utilized for our clients:

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Dental Website Content

Now that you have your hands on an up-to-date research report, you can plan and design a dental website that is made to attract high quality patients.

This research is used to determine the information and content shared with potential patients on SEO optimized dental websites. Google, Bing, and major data companies are constantly crawling the internet looking for new and original content and your practice needs to give it to them! This is why Google does not rank businesses and medical practices that share duplicate content.

Copied Content Consequences

The reality is that there are companies selling websites with duplicate content and not articulating the repercussions to their clients. This is a key trait of cheaper websites. These template orientated dental websites are void of original content. Developers and practice owners save on cost by not creating unique or enhanced content for their clients. Also, deals are often left with unrealistic expectations that the client will provide adequate content for a 20 page website.

The major consequence of duplicate content is not getting found for high quality services online. If a web page for dental implants contains text and images that are duplicates, meaning there may be a few or a couple hundred websites indexed by Google that have that same content. then you will not get found for dental implants.

How copied content effects dental website rankings

  1. Indexes become littered because Search engines don’t know which web page version(s) to include or exclude.
  2. Page authority and other metrics are either split or applied to each page equally. Thus leaving your website out and diluting your authority.
  3. Search Engines have trouble determining which web page version to show the user.

DIY: Check If Your Website Content Is Copied

Check for copied content in 30 seconds.

  1. Open your website and travel to the web page for a service you are trying to get new patients for.
  2. Copy about a paragraph worth of text.
  3. Paste that text in Google’s search console.
  4. Check if the results match your search query or if Google left a message saying it omitted ‘similar’ results.
  5. Repeat using a different service page to verify results.

Ff you want to rank on Google for your favorite services and take advantage of the hundreds of people searching online, you will need to produce original content.

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Dental Photography and Images

Stock images of a dentist are rarely the best option. These are the dental pictures you can purchase online or find with a quick Google search. Ideally, you want original content that is unique to your practice and your website. Dental photos and helpful graphics boost the quality of your website and has been proven to boost your SEO and increase the number of people calling your practice. Preferably you want your own dental office photos and procedures photos that uniquely support your services.

Dental Copy 

In my experience, this is the most rampant problem with dentists’ websites. Time and time again, I’ve been approached by dentists that have fallen for the beautiful website trap. Stricken by beautiful animations and responsive buttons, practices foolishly believe that looks alone will bring in phone calls. Since the release of Google’s Panda update dental websites have been punished for sharing duplicate content.

In order to rank competitively in the current year, original copy is the gate keeper to new patients. That’s why you need to develop content based on our in depth market research report.

Expanding Your Dentist’s Website

A website doesn’t need to be massive to attract the patients you want with dental SEO. You just need to cover all the bases. Most importantly, and frequently overlooked, is having a separate page for each service you offer. Simply listing your services on your “service page” will not suffice. In order to be recognized for your services you must provide more relevant information. That makes the silo site structure ideal for dental websites. 

Hierarchical graphic that illustrates the silo dental website structure

Dental Website Silo Structure

Utilize SEO research to plan site content for the next year

Identify your top services and their performance in your area from your market research. If dental implants is a top service in your area, and often this keyword is very competitive, you need a dental implant page index. Now this page will function as a bridge to more precise information (service content) regarding dental implants. The related content is determined by what high quality patients are searching for in your area. So naturally, you need to create content to answer the questions they are asking Google.

  • Cost of dental implants
  • Types of dental implants
  • Dental implant procedures

Competitor Research And Constant Monitoring

Beyond researching when first building or revamping a website, top dentists and their marketing firms are always watching their competitors. This is something you must do if you are in a competitive market.

Competitor research allows us to monitor our client’s markets in a way that is not often done on the local level. This provides pivotal information like services and patients competitors may be targeting. As well as what methods they are using to target these patients and what opportunities may be available for us. With this insight we are able to establish, reinforce, or alter marketing campaigns depending on the goals of our clients. Ultimately, consistently monitoring your competitors and your personal online presence readies you in a more proactive stance. So when a marketing opportunity is available you can take advantage before it’s too late. Or much more rarely, you become the target of a negative SEO campaign. Bottom line speed is the key.

William Zwiener, President & Co-Founder of EMM

It’s so critical that this is one of the tactics EMM is using to keep a solo dental practice on the first page of Google for multiple high quality services. More than that, this dentist is located in a top 10 competitive market in the US. By applying this tactic and keeping your team in the loop, you too can have a strategy that is research driven to attract more patients you want.

Turning website visitors into new patients

Modern Website Designs Win More

Usability is key. The easier a person can find what they are looking for such as services (invisible braces, veneers, or implants) the faster they can call you. Else, they may leave the page in frustration.

Great dental websites have high quality images complimented with persuasive and professional copy. Another key indicator of a great design is displaying the phone number and address where they are easily visible and linked. They avoid overcrowding menu bar and are easily navigable allowing for a positive experience on a website, leading to a scheduled appointment.

Beyond that, top dental websites do the best job of highlighting dentists and their practices’ reputation. This approach is critical to attracting high quality patients.

Landing Pages For Dental Ads

When you want new patients fast, you use digital advertising. Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn have highly targeted advertising platforms which gives our team an advantage in determining buyer intent. We, as a dental marketing agency, interpret exactly they need and give them the push to convert into a scheduled appointment in your books. A key tool in this conversion process is a landing page.

Dental landing pages are specially designed to increase the phone calls and appointments you receive from pay-per-click advertising campaigns. These are superior in design, usability, aesthetics, and most importantly, relevant to users’ intent. From experience, landing pages lower the cost for each patient you schedule from your advertising campaigns. Better than that, digital advertisements with specialized are more efficient. This is because patients are schedule at a lower cost per acquisition.

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