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Local SEO

We aim for the front page so your dental practice is visible to patients using keywords that target high dollar services. Get lasting results that keep you competitive in your market for people searching for Invisalign, Dental Implants, Veneers, and much more.

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Listing Distribution & Correction

Specifically, your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP). The problem is that this information is outdated and incomplete, or may not be on the Top 50 Heavy Weight Listing Sites. We optimize this information to include your website, hours of operation, business photos, and much more.

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Review Marketing

Review Marketing is all about what your customers are saying online, how you reply to their reviews, and how many sites you can publish those reviews.

With Epic Modern Marketing, every time a patient talks about how you provided an outstanding service with stellar details about your practice. We distribute those reviews to over 200 syndicated sites that host over 100 million users and post them on social media.

Here’s the best part: Google and other Search Engines will see you’re providing these high dollar services, and send you referrals via their search results.

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Google Adwords

Epic Modern Marketing has over 10 years of experience with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising on Google and that generate thousands of calls from Adwords marketing. Learn from our certified team how Adwords can help you get more patients immediately.

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“We way over exceeded our new patient goal. We ended up getting 65 patients that month.”

Mauri Hambright - Dental Practice Manager

Top 3 Characteristics High Quality Patients Look for in Their Dentist

The dental industry is arguably one of the most rewarding and complex fields one may pursue a career in. One of the reasons it is such a lucrative field is because of the pervasive desire for good dental hygiene and improvements. A dental professional is required to have a wide variety of skills ranging from…

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Why Dentists Need to Take Advantage of Dental Ads Now

Why Social Media Ads are Important Social media has become one of the most prominent ways to directly connect and engage with others on the internet. As a research analyst in a department of over 20 years of dental marketing experience, we see that the research is clear in regards to social media advertising. The…

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Why College Students Would Make Great Employees

A common theme across all businesses is the desire to hire employees that have unique strengths and mindsets that will allow them to bring new ideas to the table. This, however, is easier said than done. How exactly does an employer find someone unique amongst a sea of cookie-cut graduates and potential employees? What specific…

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The Five Things Your Team Needs To Think About During and After COVID-19

COVID-19 has imposed never before seen trials and difficulties unto our society and economy. Medical professionals all over the world are working relentlessly to minimize the effects of the virus and aid those who have fallen ill. In a time ridden by apparent instability and ambiguity, it is crucial that dental and medical institutions are…

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How to create a dental ad that will succeed…

SO HOW CAN DENTISTS MAKE AN ACTIVE DENTAL AD THAT WORKS? IS IT EASY? While dental advertisements come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all great dental marketing campaigns share several common characteristics. The most prominent characteristic of an effective dental advertisement is that it is impactful. A dental advertisement only has a few…

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The Billion Dollar Dental Market is Held Within Your Keywords

Right Keywords are the Key The multi-billion dollar dental market is held within your dental keywords. What does this mean? It means the dental industry is booming. And because it’s booming, there is opportunity at almost every corner to attract new, quality-paying customers to your practice. This article is for everyone; from those who are…

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Essential SEO Optimization Strategies for Dentists

SEO Defined and its Importance SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the method of being able to increase traffic to your website using free or natural search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Many people have heard of SEO optimization but not many people know how to take advantage of…

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Why Local Dentists Need to Take Advantage of Facebook Ads Now

Why Facebook Ads are important Social media has become one of the most prominent ways to directly connect and engage with others on the internet. As a research analyst in a department of over 20 years of dental marketing experience, we see that the research is clear regarding Facebook advertising. The data shows businesses who…

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Dental Websites – Lessons On Attracting High Quality Patients

How Great Dental Websites Attract High Quality Patients Practice owners can lose sight of what their dental website needs to accomplish. That’s why every site designer, web developer, dentist, and doctor must remember that these two goals that I’m about to share are the most important when it comes to a client’s success or your…

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